The project

Communication strategy for a starting pilates instructor, with a 12 years of experience training.


Applepie Agency & Pilates by Mia


Communication Strategy, Advertising, Content & Lead management



Communication guides

Through a course of discovery phase, together with the creative agency – applepie advertising, and the client, we identified a desired tone of voice and the way pilates instructor wanted to be perceived.





The project consisted of two phases. One of them was, unfortunately, unpredictable, and we had to act accordingly to global changes that occurred due to pandemic.

When we started creating the brand and its pillars, we were operating with a high-quality instructor who had some previous experience in Marketing too. She was dedicated to providing the best possible service on the market, and her experience was only supporting this desire.

Brand crafting

We created an appealing concept, educating people about pilates and its benefits. Soon after the start of communication, starting with zero followers, and no brand awareness, we managed within half a year of communication and targeted ads, to overbook our client.

01. Clean and minimal

02. Engaging content

03. Brand building

After a year, we were forced to alter the communication

People weren’t allowed to meet and actively participate with other households. So we had to transform the approach from physical training to online. 

Changing the way of service

Strategy for lockdowns

We were directly responsible for the strategy creation and execution of this strategy which included building a community, creating a list of existing clients, and nurturing them through email marketing, enough to, successfully convert them into online participants. We managed to get 73% of her booking capacity filled, and even expanded the reach so that more people, not only locals could experience pilates online training. This resulted in improving brand awareness, and in the end, after the pandemic measures got loosened, brought more offline-oriented customers to her pilates studio.